Thursday, January 12, 2017

Volunteer Opportunities at the Red Cross

A graduate of Lamar University with a master of business administration, Sue Ann Ma leads as president of Houston, Texas-based Seminal Financial Group. Outside of work, Sue Ann Ma contributes to the American Red Cross.

While the American Red Cross accepts donations of all amounts to support its humanitarian work, the organization also provides a plethora of ways for individuals to volunteer, with volunteers at the Red Cross carrying out 90 percent of the organization’s efforts.

One way to volunteer is to work with the Red Cross Blood Team by serving as a recruiter to bring in more donors, as a driver to transport donated blood to the laboratory, or as a blood drive assistant to register and greet donors. 

Volunteers can also choose to help with disaster relief by providing food and shelter for victims of disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Further, those with a passion for education can teach classes on disaster preparedness, CPR and first aid, and International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

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